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There are many sites where spilled or leaked chemicals (fuels, solvents, cleaning fluids, etc.) have contaminated soils and/or groundwater so as to create a threat to human health and the environment.  Fortunately, the technology, equipment, and skills are available to remediate these sites to the extent necessary to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.  However, some entity (usually the property owner) is forever responsible for the contaminated soil and groundwater even though remedial action has successfully reduced the threat to currently acceptable levels.


Chickadee Remediation Company has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to address both the remediation of the contaminated soil and groundwater and the long-term site responsibility.

Our Business

Remediate contaminated soil and groundwater to the extent necessary to protect the public health and the environment.  "Acquire" the regulatory responsibility for each project site to permanently shift the long-term site environmental liability to Chickadee Remediation Company.


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Telephone 281-540-8711
Fax 281-540-3893
Address 8810 Will Clayton Parkway, Suite J, Humble, TX  77338
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Telephone 406-475-3430
Fax 406-475-3801
Address 7801 York Road, Helena, MT  59602
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Telephone 714-840-8036
Fax 714-840-6843
Address 5200 Warner Avenue, Suite 207, Huntington Beach, CA  92649
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