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Abstract    (Go to Presentation)

Practical Remediation of Volatile Organic Compounds In Soil and Groundwater

By:    Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E., Principal,

        Greenvironment, LLC, Montgomery, MA

        Richard Sloan,

        Chickadee Remediation Company, Houston, TX


This workshop will explore timely, cost-effective remediation of volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminated sites. Effective remediation requires thorough definition of the unique features of each site; well-defined short- and long-term remediation goals; flexible designs that can readily accommodate change; early source control; technology sequencing based on technical effectiveness and cost; and field process measurement and control. Ex situ and in situ physical, chemical, and biological remediation technologies will be covered through presentation of a number of actual case studies.

The case studies will emphasize the management process, assessment and remediation costs, and the factors that are critical to successful remediation. Case studies will describe remediation of sources and plumes associated with underground fuel storage tanks, chlorinated solvent releases, and other situations. Cost factors associated with the case studies are discussed. In many cases, although a mixture of VOCs may be present at a site, one chemical or class of chemicals drives the remediation process due to the concentrations, the physical properties, or the risk factors associated with that chemical or class of chemicals.

The workshop will deal with the full range of VOCs but will focus on benzene, methyl tert butyl ether, tert butyl alcohol, trichloroethylene, acetone, and 1,2-dichloroethane as well as naphthalene (a light semi-VOC) as representative compounds.

Biographies of Presenters

Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E, Principal of Greenvironment, LLC, is a recognized expert in the assessment and remediation of VOC contamination. She has an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. She has presented numerous seminars on assessment and remediation of VOCs and was the lead editor of an MTBE Remediation Handbook, now in its second printing. Dr. Moyer has managed all phases of assessment and remediation work, and her numerous projects have employed a wide range of in situ and ex situ remediation technologies at diverse sites with organic and inorganic contaminants. Her Ph.D. research investigated soil vapor extraction, air sparging, and bioventing of gasoline VOCs.

Richard Sloan is President of Chickadee Remediation Co., whose primary business is to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater to the extent necessary to protect public health and the environment and acquire the long-term site environmental liability. Sloan has developed and implemented timely, cost-effective and environmentally-sound remediation plans for numerous Superfund, RCRA, and other sites with affected soils and groundwater. He has successfully established community/agency/company/contractor partnerships to focus the project efforts on common goals and apply a broad-based technical approach for each site. Sloan is also President of Chickadee Mining Co., which uses environmentally-sensitive procedures and equipment for precious metals mining.

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